Transport of goods

If you have to organize a transport to ship your commodities to foreign countries, but you have no idea where to begin. Do I have to import or export? How do I ship: by land, by air, or by sea? What customs documents or commercial documents do I need? Who can control the shipment and manage the transport? All kinds of questions are raising when you have to ship your commodities to your customers.

Hemetex is a strong partner in logistics, who can advise you and can play an active part in the transport of your shipments. We can handle shipmentes of almost every size. We manage the whole transport according to your wishes and needs to get your shipments to the destinations in an optimal and economic fashion. We not only arrange and manage transports, but we also can check your shipments on arrival (to avoid delivering damaged products to your customers). Or we can arrange ‘temporary’ storage in a (bonded) warehouse until you need the shipment to be shipped to your customer(s) as whole or partial shipments.

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