Customs documents

Since the whole customs declaration process in the Netherlands automated and you can’t fill out a customs document at a customs office for declaration, you need the necessary software to do this. As customs agent, Hemetex BV has this software and the knowledge to produce the right customs documents, according to the actual developments on customs procedures and software. With this automated software system, we can produce all kinds of customs documents, for different purposes and needs. Another advantage of this system is, that we are able to submit our customs documents to every customs office in the Netherlands.

We can produce the necessary customs declarations for the following purposes:


Once you start conduct international business, you also have to deal with customs declaration of this products. Most organizations and companies underestimate the amount of administration and specific knowledge is required for the clearance of the goods take place as smooth as possible.


To export your goods from Netherlands and/or the European Community (EC) you need a customs declaration. For this declaration we use the electronic declaration system. This system is required for export within the EC, so that the Customs get a better insight what goods leave the EU.


Transit – This means the transport of products of which the origin as well as the destination is in a foreign country; that they were reloaded at a sea- or airport (eventually they’ve been stored in a warehouse) and have never undergone processing in a sea- or airport.

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