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There are many ways to ship products around the world, whether it’s for import or export or even transit shipments, we are familiar with all of them. As forwarding agent in Rotterdam, Hemetex B.V. can manage for you all kinds of freight shipments. We handle international shipments as well as national shipments and all the necessary customs documents.

As forwarding agent we handle container shipments, truckloads (full or partial loads), refrigerated shipments, removal, project shipments, and also oversized equipment. We not only manage shipments from outside of the European Community (EC) to or through the Netherlands, but also shipments to locations beyond the borders of the European Community. Size doesn’t matter, we have always the right equipment and the know how to get the job done.

Our experienced team can advise you about the possibilities of equipment, according to the needs of your shipment or the destination, so you can make the right choice for your shipments.

For more information about all freight forwarding possibilities, please feel free to contact us, or call us at phone +31-10-429 68 44

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